Chief’s Message

The Waxhaw Community Fire Department & Rescue Squad hosted an open house on October 7th to usher in Fire Prevention Week. Our community was invited in for breakfast, a tour of the firehouse, and to observe our members in action drilling on vehicle extrication.

Fire prevention is our best way to ensure you, our community, is protected from the ravages of fire. We ask you to take some time and accomplish the following to protect your family:
1. Check all your smoke detectors and CO alarms to ensure they are working and at the same time replace the batteries. At a minimum there should be a smoke detector on each level of your house. Optimally there should be a smoke detector on each level and one in each room where someone sleeps and all these should communicate so when one goes off they all go off. This can be accomplished via wired systems or wireless systems. Smoke detectors and CO alarms save lives and give the fire department a better chance to minimize the damage to your property in the event of a fire.
2. Develop an escape plan for your family that includes a meeting place outside of your house and practice the plan.
3. Talk to your family about how and when to dial 9-1-1.
4. Discuss and practice Stop, Drop, and Roll in the event your clothes catch on fire.

We are here for you and we need you to help us protect you.

If you are interested in working or volunteering for the fire department, please click on the Recruitment page, located under the Department Administration menu link. If you require our assistance or presence at a community function, please email

Gregory R. Sharpe
Chief of Department

Non-emergency requests (704) 843-4001
Emergencies 9-1-1